The route shall remain the same as in previous years.

A fully indicated challenging 30km circular run or walkwith 2319′ of ascent, starting and finishing from the Belper Rugby Club’s home, ‘Strutts Fields’, through the Derbyshire countryside incorporating Roman Roads, Midshires Way long distance walk, through ancient woodlands and agricultural landscape.

basic route 2015
 Safety Note: This is a multi-terrain route utilising footpaths, Bridleways and Open Roads.
All roads will remain open to traffic at all times, when crossing or running along open roads, all  competitors must give way to traffic and other road users, at all times.

The route Crosses the A517 twice, this is a busy road, stop, look and listen before deciding to cross.

Minor roads on this route are not only narrow or single track, but also maybe unrestricted  ‘National Speed Limit’ roads. Please bear this in mind and step aside to let motorists past.

It’s because of this, all competitors are strongly advised not to wear headphones whilst on the  course.

Route Narrative:

It’s advised that competitors familiarise themselves with the route and narrative prior to race day.

WALKERS ( W ), Exit grounds at A6, turn  RIGHT, at Goods Road turn  RIGHT and follow signs (SEE NEXT PARA)

RUNNERS (R) , from start keep left of white line and proceed to mini-island, return toward start area and turn  LEFT over bridge

( W ) RIGHT  (R) LEFT over bridge, follow path  UNDER bridge, to ‘Meadows’, after 1st large field, turn  LEFT towards farm,

turn  RIGHT and at road turn  LEFT , cross road and at footpath indicator turn  RIGHT to ‘North Lane. At ’North Lane’, turn LEFT, keep  LEFT, continue through tree lined avenue. Turn  RIGHT at cinder path to ‘Courthouse Farm’ (DANGER) pass through golf course. Follow track, turn  LEFT at footpath indicator towards ‘Hazelwood Hall Farm’, and turn  RIGHT at stile (FOOTPATH TO RIGHT OF METAL GATE). Cross over fields, to stile at roadway ‘Spring Hollow’,
turn  RIGHT follow road, turn  LEFT into ‘Goodwins Lane’ follow road, at crossroads turn  RIGHT into ‘Overlane’ follow road. At next junction, water/marshal point [1] turn  RIGHT into ‘Lumb Lane’, follow footpath and route indicators to ‘Blackbrook’


Turn  RIGHT and CROSS ROAD; proceed left up ‘Longwalls Lane’. At road junction,  water/ marshal point [2] turn  LEFT , at footpath indicator turn  RIGHT and enter fields, follow marked way, CROSS ROAD near ‘Palerow Farm’, continue on marked way towards aerials.
At ‘Peat Lane’ turn  RIGHT at ‘T’ junction turn  RIGHT and continue on roadway to crossroads, turn  LEFT, past ‘Lockerbie Farm’ and at footpath indicator turn  RIGHT over fields turn  LEFT and PASS THE FRONTAGE of ‘Lockerbie Farm’, towards ‘Clearsprings Farm’, continue down track, turn  LEFT over fields CLOSE GATE and on towards ‘The Bear Inn’ PH,  water/marshal point [3]. Exit car park  LEFT at stile and follow marked route to footpath indicator turn  RIGHT down hill through fields, at roadway turn  RIGHT, and at footpath turn  LEFT (by BT pole), follow marked route to houses, turn  RIGHT along track way, at marked footpath turn  LEFT, keeping stone wall on left, at limestone track turn  LEFT, follow track to roadway. At roadway turn  RIGHT, turn  LEFT at parking lay-by and footpath indicator to ‘Ambergate’, pass memorial and turn  LEFT follow marked way. At ‘Shinning Cliff Woods’ (route indicated by Red/White ‘hazard tape), turn immediate  LEFT, ‘Becky Kenny Trail’, keeping wall to your left, at old shooting range (300Mtrs) turn RIGHT and follow marked route, DANGER LOW LEVEL POLE BARRIER, at the factory buildings turn  RIGHT follow route indicators to information board and continue  LEFT towards pond, which will be in front and on your right, turn  LEFT, follow marked way along track, DANGER LOW LEVEL CHAIN BARRIER. Pass houses and follow indicated route, turn RIGHT at footpath and exit woodlands along indicated footpath at ‘Whitewells Lane’ /’Holly Lane’ water/marshal point [4]. Continue along roadway passing ‘Dairywood Farm’, turn  LEFT at footpath indicator follow marked route towards ‘Wyver Lane’, continue along ‘Wyver Lane’ past nature reserve and houses, at ‘T’ Junction turn  LEFT,


CROSS ROAD and follow indicated route through meadows  DO NOT CROSS RIVER, pass  UNDER bridge and turn RIGHT over bridge, at roadway turn  LEFT and follow indicators to A6 ‘T’ Junction, keeping to pavement, turn  LEFT , at ‘Strutts Fields’ turn  LEFT and follow indicated route to finish area.

Congratulations we hope that you enjoyed the route – see you next year thank you for supporting The Rugby Rover

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